MSR Easy Connect™ Support

Support for the MSR Easy Connect™ App

The MSR Easy Connect™ app allows you to connect to compatable (Bluetooth) device. Please note that external hardware is required.

To start, press Go at the bottom of the screen. A device list will appear. This list will show Bluetooth low energy devices that are detected. Compatable devices will be identified.

Once you have selected your device, please wait for the app to connect. Once connected you can interact with the device through the menu button on the top left. Tap this button to reveal the option of reading, writing, and erasing.

You can type in the data that you want to record in the text fields and select write from the menu to write the data.

At the bottom, you can select the data format for reading and writing.

If you experience issues, they can often be resolved by turning the device off and on. Likewise, reconnect to the device through the app and send the reset command from the menu.

Thank you for your interest in the app.

Please email us at with any questions.

MSR™ and MSR Easy Connect™ are trademarks of Patent Masters LLC.