Super Slow Downer™ Support

Support for the Super Slow Downer™ App on iOS

Super Slow Downer allows you to slow the play of music while maintaining pitch.

Super Slow Downer allows you to play songs in a loop at a slower speed. It's great for musicians trying to learn new songs.

You can select any part of a song to repeat at normal speed. To change the part of the song being played, adjust the start and end sliders. You can also slow the song down or even speed it up by changing the speed between 25% (0.25X) and 200% (2X speed). The pitch remains the same as you change speed.

As an option, you can separately adjust the pitch in addition to the speed. To do so, adjust the pitch slider. The app displays the number of semitones that the audio is shifted. If you want to change the key the song is in, you can do so in the app.

Setup loops by touching the "loop" button during playback. Otherwise, the app will play the song once.

Super Slow Downer is a great app musicians, music transcribers or dancers wanting a tool to make their practices better.

If you have questions regarding the use of the app, or feedback on the app, please send us an email at

Thank you for your interest in the app.